Analyse sentiment from text with zero dependencies and configuration using Shipped Brain’s sentiment analysis model public API endpoint .

Go ahead and try the sentiment analysis app built in this tutorial here.

Sentiment Analysis App — Shipped Brain

Sentiment analysis is the automated process of analysing text to determine the sentiment expressed is positive 😀, negative 😞 or neutral 😐. Some popular sentiment analysis applications include social media monitoring, customer support management, and analysing customer feedback.

Automatic text analysis can be performed on any text source, to sort survey responses and live chats, Twitter and Facebook posts, or to scan emails and documents. …

Build machine learning services using only your trained models!

Falcon 9

The Machine Learning world currently sees Data Scientists (DS) performing one or both of the following two prominent roles:

  1. Get the data from the BI or Data teams, train a machine learning model on the data and report back the results in the form of some presentation or report.
  2. Create a usable piece of software for the stakeholders to consume the machine learning models.

In this blog post, we show how to create a web service to perform predictions from a machine learning model — ML as a Service — without needing to build a custom API or setting up…

Shipped Brain is building the next generation machine learning community. We’re building a platform for data scientists to deploy, manage and distribute Machine Learning models fast and easily using our managed infrastructure. Shipped Brain offers interactive web pages for your machine learning models, allowing you to build an amazing data science portfolio.

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Shipped Brain — Feed

The AI platform to distribute and host your models

Try and find machine learning models developed by the community.

Shipped Brain

Shipped Brain: The serverless AI marketplace for machine learning models.

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