Introducing Shipped Brain

Shipped Brain is building the next generation machine learning community. We’re building a platform for data scientists to deploy, manage and distribute Machine Learning models fast and easily using our managed infrastructure. Shipped Brain offers interactive web pages for your machine learning models, allowing you to build an amazing data science portfolio.

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The AI platform to distribute and host your models

Try and find machine learning models developed by the community.

Shipped Brain — How it Works

Use Anywhere 🌍

Build AI powered Apps.

Every model uploaded to the Shipped Brain App gets its unique and standardized REST API endpoint automatically that can be embedded anywhere so you and your users can build AI powered apps with no dependency management, no custom integrations and no infrastructure.

All endpoint are in the form of:<model_name>/<model_version>

You can integrate any model deployed to Shipped Brain using any programming language.

Integrate a model using Python:

Integrate Any Model in Your App Using Python

Integrate a model using JavaScript:

Integrate Any Model in Your App Using JavaScript

Deploy and serve any model in seconds 🚀

Shipped Brain allows you to deploy serverless machine learning models with almost no configuration.

Focus on building amazing AI solutions, you just need to upload your pre-trained model and code. No need to learn new skills, manage deployment life-cycles and infrastructure or build custom serving frameworks.

  • One-click deployments
  • Serverless models
  • Automatic model serving
  • Secure and scalable endpoints

Every model gets its own web page with built-in interactivity automatically, so that anyone can start experimenting with your models right away.

Shipped Brain Model Page

Shipped Brain integrates with all major machine learning frameworks. Continue using the tools you’re familiar with! You just need to know python 🐍.

Full support for:

Shipped Brain Framework Integraiton

Next generation data science portfolio ⚡️

Shipped Brain is the home for your AI.

Publish and showcase your work. Start building your interactive data science portfolio with your Shipped Brain profile and leverage serverless machine learning models and interactive model pages to delight your audience.

Shipped Brain profile

Requesting a model from the community

Shipped Brain makes it easy to find a machine learning model that solves your problem.

If a model does not exist yet you can simply create a Model Request, the community will rush to try to fulfill your request.

A Model Request describes the problem that you’re trying to solve and depicts the expected input and output format.

Shipped Brain — Model Request sentiment analysis model

Data Scientists can find models that are being requested by the community by navigating the Model Requests page.

Shipped Brain — Model Request Listing one

Try Shipped Brain 👈

Try Shipped Brain, it’s free!

Shipped Brain: The serverless AI marketplace for machine learning models.